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Interesting facts about the majority of midstream pregnancy tests.

This picture shows a typical pregnancy test that is sold in pharmacies throughout the world. 
They are easy to use and highly accurate but 'How green are they?' 

Well, the majority of what you see here is a large amount of plastic that adds nothing to the speed or accuracy of the test. 

If you open up the stick you will see that inside the plastic housing there is a very small thin strip. 
This test strip is actually the clever part. All the rest is packaging!

The test strip accounts for just a few % of the overall materials used in a standard pregnancy test. The strip contains the necessary chemicals to detect whether a woman is pregnant or not. So all the excess material you see in the top picture is Eco-Unfriendly! It also makes the whole package bigger and heavier than it needs to be which adds tremendously to the packaging and shipping costs. 


We have designed a holder to capture the ONLY part of the pregnancy test that matters - the test strip. This means we can reduce the amount of material used to make the test dramatically WITHOUT REDUCING ACCURACY. The ECOstrip midstream tests reduce the carbon footprint of traditional tests and they STILL will let you know, with accuracy, if you have one too.

Ovulation Tests sold around the world in the same so-called 'mid-stream' format are manufactured in the same way. 
Using our ECOstrip™ Female Fertility, Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests is the first thing you can do to protect the planet for the future generation you are planning to bring into this world.
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