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Useful User Tips:

  • To remove the viewfinder – pull the entire black viewfinder out. You should be able to see and touch the light bulb inside the housing cylinder.

  • The eyepiece or rotating part of the viewfinder should not be unscrewed. It should rotate side to side but should always remain as one piece.

  • Apply the saliva sample to the flat internal glass surface of the viewfinder.

  • Some women find that to lightly dab the glass surface on their tongue provides the right amount of saliva.

  • Do not apply too much saliva onto the lens, as this will take longer to dry.

  • Ensure that the saliva sample is completely dry before testing.

  • Replace the viewfinder.

  • Ensure you place your eye right up to the viewfinder, as if you were looking through a telescope. This will enable you to effectively examine the result.

  • The Eyepiece or rotating part of the viewfinder is used to bring the patterns in your sample, into focus.

  • Keep your finger on the LED light button to view the results.

  • The non-fertile crystalisation is often harder to see than the fertile days for you to fully determine your unique cycle.

  • Do not be discouraged if you are not showing ferning on day 14-16. Often women have been known to ovulate between day 25-30 of their cycle.

  • The quality of the saliva sample can be affected by smoke, alcohol, and food consumption. Therefore it is recommended to use saliva for testing after 1 hour abstinence from these substances.
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