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Success Stories:

Linzi  Nov/2010.

“I ordered this in July, I found it very simple to use and it showed a strong ferning pattern like the frost on a window indicting when I was ovulating. Me and my partner have been trying for over two years now and are going for fertility treatment. I kept a diary of when it showed I was ovulating. I showed it to my doctor and proved to be accurate. The doctor said we don’t have to do three 3 months of testing to check that I am ovulating as it has been so accurate. So thanks to this handy little gadget, I have been put 3 months forward in treatment and we can now go onto further fertility testing. Would highly recommend.

Willow April/2011.

“We are trying for our first, and with irregular cycles it’s not easy to know when I might be ovulating! I tried the ovulation sticks but they were getting expensive…. Someone recommended a fertile focus on a pregnancy forum, when it arrived I couldn’t wait to test. I took a sample of salvia from under my tongue and waited for 5 minutes. When I looked I could see ferning….I’ll be using this everyday and the best thing about it is, it can be used up to 2 years.”

Stavri Nov/2011.

“..this little microscope is really helpful! You can use it everyday and many times a day. Much easier and cheaper than ovulation sticks, can chart everyday and see the differences as they happen.”

Luta Feb/2010

“I bought the Babystart Ovulation Microscope to pin point my fertile days as my cycle was irregular. It was easy to use and the ferning was easily visible when it appeared. Much easier than I expected. Best of all worked the first month I used it in conjunction with a BBT thermometer and we are now 6 weeks pregnant. I recommend this product if you have been trying to conceive for some time, as it gave me a sense of control over my cycle I didn’t have before.”

Mrs Stoppani Dec/21010

“I love this item! I have been using ovulation sticks for a few months and never get a positive result. I bought this not only to save money but in hope it would work for me. I used it for two weeks and thought I was having the same result until one day there was the ferning pattern clear as day. Very glad I bought this item..”

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