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The babystart® FertilFocus™ is a high-quality saliva-based fertility test (or personal ovulation microscope) that allows you to predict ovulation with accuracy.  The perfect helper for trying-to-conceive couples. 

babystart® FertilFocus™ is a reusable ovulation predictor test, meaning you receive unlimited tests in one high-quality, low-cost personal ovulation microscope. The microscope comes with complete instructions and an ovulation fertility chart for tracking results! Getting the hang of the microscope takes no time at all. With a powerful glass 60X lens and gentle LED light, just focus the eyepiece to view your test result. For best results, test in the morning before eating or drinking or brushing your teeth, and then record results on a calendar or fertility chart. Soon, you will recognise your unique saliva patterns that indicate infertile, fertile, and transitional periods. 

Trying to Conceive? Then increase your chances of pregnancy by removing the guesswork from conception!

Using babystart® FertilFocus™ is easy. Simply add a drop of saliva to the lens and let the sample dry completely. In five minutes, view the sample through the microscope. Press the LED light button and focus the eyepiece of the microscope to sharpen the image. 
If you are ovulating - or about to ovulate - 
a "ferning", crystal-like pattern can be viewed.

babystart® FertilFocus™ works by allowing you to see the changes in the make up of your saliva just prior to ovulation. 
The "ferning pattern" indicating a positive result will begin to appear about three days before ovulation, whether your cycle is regular or irregular. babystart® FertilFocus™ allows you to predict ovulation with 98% accuracy, helping trying-to-conceive couples "FertilFocus™ on fertility" and increase their chances of a pregnancy.

Salivary Ferning.
For many years the 'gold standard' test for ovulation in hospitals has been based upon taking a sample of cervical mucus, placing it on a microscope slide and allowing it to dry, and see if it forms a distinct 'ferning' pattern. This test could only be performed reliably in hospitals or clinics but was generally a reliable indicator of ovulation. The ferning pattern was believed to be caused by changes in oestrogen levels and certain minerals in the cervical mucus at ovulation. However, there is also a change in content of hormones and minerals in the saliva around the time of ovulation which causes the saliva to form fern like crystals when it dries. This phenomenon is used by a miniature microscope we have available which is a useful aid for the detection of ovulation.


A sample of saliva is placed on the microscope lens and allowed to dry before the result is viewed through the microscope. If you see fern like crystals (as in the figure above) then you are likely to be at your most fertile, whereas if you just see shapeless dots then your are likely to be at the infertile stage of your menstrual cycle. 

The device is relatively inexpensive because it is reusable and you can check your fertility at any time, anyplace. The "fern" structure starts 3-4 days before ovulation and ends 2-3 days after ovulation ceases - the fertile period lasts less than one week. In practice this means that this simple device can help identify the right time of the month in which to have intercourse for the best chances of becoming pregnant.

A satisfied customer recently wrote about the babystart® FertilFocus™; 
"This product is wonderful. I have been charting using a BBT thermometer for a while and my temperatures are very erratic with my ovulation pattern inconsistent. Likewise, cervical fluid has several fertile patches. Ovulation prediction kits are an  expensive option due to irregular long cycles. This babystart® FertilFocus™ is brilliant for pinpointing ovulation. Feel as though we finally have a chance to time intercourse correctly. Working really well! Thank you! 'Samina'  More Success Stories using the 
babystart® FertilFocus
Benefits of the babystart® FertilFocus
  • Durable metal housing

  • Includes long lasting, replaceable battery

  • No mess, no chemicals

  • Discreet, looks like a lipstick case

  • No awkward urine Lh testing

  • Testing takes just 5 minutes

  • All natural, hygenic and safe
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